IPNBench - Introduction


IPNBench is a benchmarking suite for state-of-the-art commercial microprocessor based systems. IPNBench targets traditional single-core as well as more recent multi-core processors. In addition, it is equally useful for uniprocessor as well as multiprocessor (SMP) systems. Unlike existing micro benchmarks and application benchmarks, IPNBench provides a holistic view of system performance. IPNBench can be useful for system architects as well as end users to compare various systems on the basis of their performance potential. IPNBench consists of following benchmarks that are used to evaluate the performance of different aspects of a system, application or network.

  • Memory throughput Measurement
  • Thread performance measurement
  • Glibc performance measurement
  • Floating point performance measurement
  • TCP/IP Stack performance measurement
  • Transaction performance measurement

Some other benchmarks under development are cache performance measurement benchmark, TLB performance and page size benchmark, Crypto performance benchmark, XML performance benchmark, Disk performance benchmark and End-to-end http benchmark.