Software System Development of Automated Meter Reading (AMR) - Introduction

Software System Development of Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

Syed Bhais intend to arrange for a remote system capable of measuring electricity consumption/customer usage, besides generating all other information and data needed to run its specific MIS, without those glitches inherent to the existing normal system. The system also plans to control the administrative losses i.e. pilferage, theft and stealing of energy, constricted recording due to improper installation of energy meters, by-passing of the same and other such internal and external features. The ‘AMR-API’ provides an application layer to communicate with meters using GSM unit “Telit GM862-GPRS� through micro controller ATMEL 89C52 Series. Using API, MIS can access meter parameters. The connectivity is provided using SMS. MIS can send short message request to meters individually and in response to the request meters reply with short message which is decoded by the API and required parameters are returned to the MIS. The JSF/J2EE based MIS includes implementation of the Existing Commercial Procedures for WAPDA. Also User Management, Equipment Management and Management of Tariff Categories are the integral parts of MIS.