Extension and Development of Analysis Node for Bioinformatics - Introduction

Extension and Development of Analysis Node for Bioinformatics

This project deals with the establishment of a biological databank for the purpose of serving the community because in Pakistan such type of databank does not exist. The need of this project urged due to some of the factors i.e. economic stability, employment opportunity for undergraduates and graduates, distance learning, agricultural and forensic science development. Setting up a new laboratory with equipment and trained staff for research purpose is highly costly job, by using this databank scientist can get access biological data efficiently and effectively. Newbies in bioinformatics and biotechnology can use this databank for study and research work. Even some pharmaceutical companies can sue it for drug discovery and their experimental work. This project can also help in detection of dengue, polio and other viruses which directly attacks human DNA structure.

To develop unified biological databank, we have defined the physical structure of databank in terms of various computational processes and machines such as biological acquisition process which is performed at download server, which preserves this heterogeneous data. We provide various input parameters for retrieval from unified databank such as author, accession, sequence and others. On the behalf of these parameters, the appropriate is displayed on the interface in the form of report in a reasonable time. Segregated heterogeneous biotic information is converted into unified biological databank which provides all types of biological data for certain living organisms under various molecules in unified form. This databank is available publically to serve the community..

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