Software System Development of Secure Keyboard - Introduction

Software System Development of Secure Keyboard

This is small but proved to be very useful application. There is a continue race between key-loggers and anti-key loggers. This is a fact that there is no end to this race, as each new key-logger challenges the anti-key loggers and any improvement to the anti-key logging, automatically enforce the key-loggers to fight for their survival. In this scenario, there is a need to have such mechanism which can assure user security without interfering both key-loggers and anti-key loggers. Secure Keyboard is the solution, which 100% protects the user input and safely transfers it in both window and web-based applications. Especially useful for highly sensitive input like passwords, credit car numbers and PIN codes.

This application is more valuable where no instant anti-key logger is available and user wants the secure transfer of its highly sensitive data. Moreover in case of an installed anti-key logger, there is always a threat of some powerful key-logger which can trap the input. In all these scenarios the ‘Secure Keyboard’ is the perfect solution. It is tested against all known key-loggers which 100% success rate.