Analysis of Virtual Machine Scheduling - Introduction

Analysis of Virtual Machine Scheduling

Executive Summary

On a hosted virtual machine, a VM is running like an ordinary process.  That implies that, the VM process gets scheduled on the whim of the host OS.

(1) With what priority VM processes are spawned and how much CPU they get as compared to other processes of the host?
(2) Are all host threads belonging to the same VM process are gang scheduled?
(3) What are the implications of host preempting a VM process?  How it effects timings inside the VM?
(4) If timing is get affected due to (3), how much is the lag and how it relates to the load on the host?
So in short, this research is an effort to study the scheduling behavior of Linux OS, especially when it is running hosted VMs.

Team members

Qurat-ul-Ain, Abdul Qadeer, Dr. Abdul Waheed