Storage, Retrieval and Manipulation Techniques Of Human Brain Data - Introduction

Storage, Retrieval and Manipulation Techniques Of Human Brain Data

This project is the second part of the project entitled “Unified Computational Model of Human Brain,” In this project we intend to develop new storage, retrieval and manipulation techniques for the proposed model foe human brain.  The studies regarding the understandability of the human brain structure, functions/activities and information processing mechanisms offer a great challenge to the modern research community. Different tools and techniques have been applied in order to achieve these goals. But they have resulted in limited success and are difficult to use.
This project studies and investigates the boundaries and shortcomings of the existing techniques that have been proposed and used to collect, store, manage, analyze and share brain data. Some major failing factors of these techniques are listed as follows:

  1. inappropriateness to biological nature,
  2. inaccuracy of data,
  3.  uncontrollable and unmanageable information format,
  4. limited field of view,
  5. costly, lengthy and hazardous to use etc.

In this project, we intend to find the possible solutions of these problems. Using the proposed computational model of human brain, we are proposing new techniques to store, retrieve and manipulate brain data.