Next Generation Deception based Cyber Defense Solution - Introduction

Next Generation Deception based Cyber Defense Solution

With every passing day we hear about new technologies and security solutions but then again new attacks emerge, which means, no security solution can stop all attacks from occurring on a network. Existing cyber technologies, including firewalls and end-point security, cannot defend with 100% security and attackers can still penetrate the networks to steal data or damage the system. Deception technology is an emerging category of Cyber security defense that can provide an additional layer of security  to detect, analyze, and defend against advanced attacks in real-time.In this project, we are proposing to develop a “Next-Generation Deception Solution” that will effectively and quickly detect the threats and will increase the incident response effectiveness dramatically. In an organization that uses mature and advanced security platforms or where they have less sophisticated controls of security, the next-gen deception will be a great and effective solution to defend against threats that have been lurking in the system. The Next-Gen Deception Technology will create real and interactive OS decoys with the emulated services, including Enterprise IoT devices to identify attacker and malware’s activities. It will also provide the helping hands in incident response and threat hunting purposes.