Integrated Security Framework for Next Generation Industries - Introduction

Integrated Security Framework for Next Generation Industries

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is fairly a new concept for industries, and it is presenting a huge opportunity in helping enterprises to operate more productively while improving efficiency and reducing costs. Gartner recently estimated that there were 4.8 billion IIoT assets in the world at the end of 2019, and expects that number will grow by 21 percent in 2020.  Security challenges for IT/OT (IIoT) convergence are the biggest concern as the breaches affect both individuals and organizations vulnerable to financial and operational damage. Talos pointed out that they published 87 advisories about vulnerabilities in IoT and ICS devices in 2019. If security capability is considered in the selection criteria, then the main challenge is the lack of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.


We propose a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for IIoT as a whole. Key features of our proposed solution that give it a security edge from existing security solutions are:



  • Threat Modelling - Potential threats identification in an IIoT use-case.
  • Log Analyzer – System Level & Network level, log gathering mechanism for IIoT devices.
  • Endpoint Detection and Response - Sandbox malicious files in an IIoT network.
  • Compliance Check - IIoT assets compliance verification.
  • Intrusion Detection System - Detect anomalies in IIoT protocols communication.