Active Prostheses - Introduction

Active Prostheses

Active prostheses compensate the patients for mobility impairments caused by partly or fully dysfunctional links. In spite of the rapid technological advances, prosthetic devices find it difficult to lower metabolic costs to their wearers and do not provide for seamless switching between limb activities. The lab is focusing on the design and the development of lower-limb prostheses with specific emphasis on the design and development of (i) active ankle-foot (ii) data acquisition system for objective gait assessment and evaluation using multiple wearable sensors, and (iii) active knee. The first two projects are nearing their completion, whereas the active knee, after the finalization of its design, has been dispatched for fabrication. The control of these devices relies on varying controller gains at the run time to optimize metabolic energy and smoother migration from one activity (or its constituent phase to another). These lower-limb prostheses are expected to substantially ameliorate amputee’s life.