BigFoot Beast Hunting - Introduction

BigFoot Beast Hunting

Strange sightings and disturbing disappearances have been occurring in the forest. People have reported seeing a scary monster, a giant beast that they can’t explain. You set out to explore this creature in order to uncover its identity. To confirm its existence you decide to get a closer look. Soon your adventure turns into a quest for survival! You have to channel your inner hunter to defeat this evil and wicked beast.
UET Game Studio presents “Beast Hunting: Summer Games”; an exciting, adventurous hunting game to catch a giant monster .You have to find the Bigfoot beast and trap him. You have to be careful though, Bigfoot is wild! The Sasquatch is agitated and you have to be smart in drawing it out. Set up a trap and wait for the yeti to come out to get caught in the traps. Use weapons to protect yourself against this giant, scary beast. It isn’t just a game. It is a game for your survival! You have to play your way through all the 10 dangerous and scary levels to first collect evidence to prove that the beast exists, track it down and trap him. You have to be the predator to defeat the predator.