Data Communicator for Grid Control System (DCGCS) - Introduction

Data Communicator for Grid Control System (DCGCS)



The existing system is Unmanned Grid Control and Monitoring System (UGCMS), deployed at the Grid stations in Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) region. It is a project to self-govern and control the Grid Stations in the NTDC's electricity distribution network. It is aimed at autonomous and/or remote Grid Control to manage and monitor the installed devices through autonomous and/or remote operations via GSM/GPRS/DSL mediums etc. The hardware devices in this system detects the faults signals and control the feeder operations such as the over current, earth fault, instantaneous trip, differential trip, etc. 

Data Communicator for Grid Control System (DCGCS), project's goal is economical data localize acquisition and its efficient communication to the central data servers for the real time information availability at the control rooms for effective decision making. There would be an on-device memory for synchronization even in case of short disconnectivity. The cost-effective data concentration and communication will enhance the controlling mechanism. 

The benefits of the proposed system shall include is to make the existing AGCMS more efficient and economical for remote data acquisition and communication to central servers for the decision making at control rooms. The proposed system would also get information related to control and status signals from the AGCMS circuitry on the 11KV Feeders and communicates faults and acquired information related to the transmission lines of a Grid such as over current, earth fault, instantaneous trip etc. The system will send a fault-alarm to the Grid control room upon detection of a fault through either of the GSM/GPRS/DSL mediums etc. The transmitted fault-alarm would be processed by associated software and displayed through a web/mobile interface to the concerned staff for appropriate actions. The actions include: turn circuit breakers ON/OFF to a particular feeder for load shedding management on different lines of a feeder, etc. The proposed system would be capable of being integrated with 11KV Feeders deployed on the different types of grid stations e.g. 66 KV, 132 KV etc.

 The sensory units will be responsible for signaling the events. The system would store the events in case there is a connectivity issue for reasons like no GSM signals (e.g. GSM shut-down in Muharram Events, etc.). These events will then be synchronized with the main system whenever the connectivity is restored. Thereby, the system would be able to keep track of concerning events taking place in a Grid's devices. The developed solution can be deployed at grid stations of PESCO and other Distribution Electric Supply Companies.