Binding Multiple Applications on Wireless Sensor Networks - Introduction

Binding Multiple Applications on Wireless Sensor Networks

Multiple applications can be invoked simultaneously on single sensor network through pre-emptive or late binding. Triggering multiple applications on sensor networks at a post-deployment stage results into complex interactions among the applications. Under the project, we discuss considerations for multiservice sensor networks such as resource allocation and energy conservation. First, we identify the uniqueness of node selection strategies for such multi-service sensor networks. Second, we discuss their effects on network usability and longevity. We present a holistic nodes election protocol for such networks. The OPNET Simulation Software will be used to perform simulation & to show increased longevity of networks while comparing with existing techniques.

• Efficient resource discovery mechanism using under lying network topology

• Intellectually selecting sensor network resources fulfilling soliciting applications’ requirements

• Resolving issues like resource utilization and sharing among multiple applications while binding multiple applications on singular cluster