Software System Development of Electric Vector Meter (EVM) - Introduction

Software System Development of Electric Vector Meter (EVM)

Configuration software for 3-Phase electronic vector meter, facilitate users with creating and applying new settings and configurations for 3-Phase vector meters. The major features provided with this software are administrating users, setting time of use of meter, setting demand metering and notifications to the meter and programming meter with these settings..

Here is a feature-wise detailed overview of the software:

  • User Management

  • Allows Administrator to allocate Meter user rights as Admin, Writer and Reader. When programmed to meter, these users with their allowed access can get readings from meter, change settings and add new parameters as well.
  • Time of use

  • Divides the whole year into four seasons and further subdivides days into special days or holidays and program the meter to measures the rates accordingly. There are 4 types of rates to apply according to type of day specified.
  • Calendar of Events

  • Feeds special events into meter over the period of year and for subsequent years. There are three types of calendar events. Fix-Recurring, Non-Recurring, Floating Recurring.
  • Display Items

  • Some items to be displayed, when meter runs in test mode, Alternate mode or in Normal mode. There are also some other settings that can be set using this console
  • Demand Metering

  • On-Demand Metering is to set the meter to run in a specified mode, on a specified rate for a specific interval of time.
  • Notifications

  • Some Cautions, Notification, Diagnostics and other events to generate on special
  • Load Profile

  • Specifies the load on a specific channel.
  • Program File

  • Finally after applying all the settings. Now it can generate program files that can further be programmed to meter.