Design and Development of High-Performance BLDC Motor - Introduction

Design and Development of High-Performance BLDC Motor


This project is about the design and development of three-phase BLDC motor.

In traction application, higher torque per volume motors are required and BLDC motor has this advantage of providing higher torque at low weight and volume as compared to inductions motor. That is why it becomes essential to design and analysis BLDC motors for traction applications.

BLDC motor is motor without brushes, as its name suggested, unlike DC motor. These days BLDC Motor became very famous in automobiles, aerospace and automation application. BLDC motors are preferable due to its linear torque to speed relation and high power to weight ratio with high efficiency. One of the main advantages of BLDC motor over induction motor is that it possess linear torque to speed relation, which helps to reduce its control complexity in a high precision motion control application.

Simulation of the proposed motor is done on ANSYS Maxwell RMxprt software tool. Development of its prototyping is in process.

2-D view of 16 pole, 24 slot, and outer rotor BLDC motor



Future work:

Following goals are aimed to address in future

      Production of BLDC motor drive

      Production of energy efficient BLDC Motor locally

      Electrification of cars and buses

      Production of high-efficient BLDC Celling fan locally

Magnetic field overlay


1.      Centre for Energy Research and Development (CERAD)

Team leader:

Dr. Naseer Ahmed

Team members:

Hammad Farooq, Hafiz Muhammad Waqas Badar, Ahmad Hussain Safder, Muhammad Rizwan