Design and Manufacturing of Servo Trainer - Introduction

Design and Manufacturing of Servo Trainer


The purpose is to design a self-contained bench mounted A.C. servo system to allow students of all academic levels to investigate basic and advanced principles of servo motor control. In particular this trainer will be designed to deal with the control issues relating to position and speed control in servo systems.

Construction and Features:

The trainer will have bench top design and will comprise of the following components.

Industrial Grade Servo (DORNA AC Servo Motor)

Dorna AC Servo Motor Drive

Control Circuit Installed

Protection Circuits installed

DC power Supply

Variable Power Supply

Connector for PLC interface

Dynamic Brake

Control Mode: Position, Velocity & Torque

Future Works:

Basic Components of the trainer such as Drive and Motor have been procured. The design and simulations will be done of SolidWorks and Control will be done through DORNA Servo Drive Software DORWIN.

Team leader:

Dr. Naseer Ahmed

Team members:

Hafiz Muhammad Waqas Badar, Hammad Farooq and Ahmad Hussain Safder