Solar Parabolic Dish - Introduction

Solar Parabolic Dish

This project is about the design and development of Dual Axis Sun Tracking with Parabolic Dish.

In this green energy project, parabolic dish harness energy from ultimate energy source SUN and concentrate that light on a single Focal point where we can heat up water to create steam and that steam will run steam Turbine to produce electricity to fulfil the local needs.

Previous Work:

Modelling and simulation were carried out on Solid WORKS 2018. Analysis of its structural integrity, weight and wind load resistance was successfully done on Solid WORKS 2018 Simulation software.

Current Work:

Currently, we are working on development of the heliostat at KSK campus of UET in energy Park with the capacity of 3 KW. 


      1. Centre for Energy Research and Development (CERAD)

Team leader:

Dr. Naseer Ahmed

Team members:

Hammad Farooq, Hafiz Muhammad Waqas Badar, Muhammad Rizwan