OMR-Based Solutions - Introduction

OMR-Based Solutions

We have developed an OMR based solution getMark.. " getMARK" allows you to print a single form of your design and then its copied version can be used for further scanning. This eliminates the monopoly of OMR companies which bound the user to have each OMR form printed from them. Get MARK also provides the correction of skew and dislocated reference marks within a threshold in contrast to most OMR systems which require proper printing and loading of forms otherwise they reject the forms. The getMARK system is a scanning-cum-OMR (Optical Markup Reader) solution making use of a low cost scanner with price less than $500 (an OMR scanner normally costs more than $4000). The getMARK system works with any TWAIN-compliant low cost scanners. The majority of the scanners available in the market are TWAIN compliant. Industrial solutions like Quiz Grader, Entry Test Evaluation, and Teacher Evaluation have been developed using this getMARK scanning engine.Different implementations based on getMark are:

Entry Test and admission system based on OMR

This project was implemented to automate UET Lahore’s entry test and admission process using OMR and Java EE. Till now it has processed approximately 100,000 student’s admission process.

Teacher evaluation system for UET based on OMR

The intent of this activity was to facilitate UET Lahore’s teacher performance evaluation process using OMR and Java EE. The system facilitates the administration to estimate the teacher performance in courses they thought based on student feedback.

Entry Test scanning solution using image based OMR

This project helped SUPARCO Lahore’s to automate their entry test and admission process using image based OMR and Java EE.

Entry Test scanning solution using OMR

In this project we automated Punjab Public Service Commission’s entry test processing using OMR and Java EE.