Unmanned Remote Grid Control & Monitoring Device System - Introduction

Unmanned Remote Grid Control & Monitoring Device System

Client: MEPCO



The Pakistan's first remote-control 66-kV grid station at Bakhshan Khan, Hasilpur; had started working in MEPCO region on 13 May 2017. The grid station is controlled and operated through remote-control for the load shedding management and auto fault detection and alarm system. The Second grid at 132 KV Sahiwal was also followed to be converted to Unmanned Remote Grid on 16 July, 2017. Further 10 MEPCO grids stations are up next to be converted to Unmanned Remote Grids. The project equipment hardware indigenous manufactured at ESESS Lab at KICS and delivered 100% to MEPCO in Phase -1. Two-way interactive Central Command and Control Management System is the enterprise software developed at KICS and serves as the backbone for seamless communication of the Unmanned grid stations deployed at MEPCO region. The complete system inclusive of remote grid control devices, firmware, data acquisition and central remote management information portal has been developed indigenously at ESESS lab in joint venture with MEPCO.

MEPCO intended to procure Grid Control and monitoring devices for remote operation of its Grids through GSM/GPRS. KICS UET provided end-to-end solution for operating of un-manned 132/11 KV MEPCO Grid Stations.

Remote grid control and monitoring system is used to control and monitor Grid stations remotely. This system is also capable to detect transmission line faults such as over current, earth fault, instantaneous trip etc. This system detects the faults and sends the information to control room at a separate location via GSM/GPRS medium where this information is interpreted by the proprietary software and all the indications of the remote Grid Station can be seen on a user friendly web interface. This system is also capable to turn off and on the circuit breaker of particular feeder so load shedding on different lines can also perform with the help of this system. MEPCO has different types of grid station such as 66 KV, 132 KV and 500 KV. This system can be integrated with all types of grid station.