RFID-Based Automated Library Management System - Introduction

RFID-Based Automated Library Management System

This Project, first of its kind in Pakistan is being developed for the National Library of Engineering Sciences, UET Lahore. This project when completed will bring UET Library abreast with the most modern libraries in the world by building an automated, secure and cost effective secure library management system based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. LMS is being developed in JavaEE using open-source tools and will be deployed in complete open-source environment to provide a zero cost solution to public sector libraries. Successful completion of this project will provide the library with a centralize information system which will not only enable efficient book issuance and return procedure but also will be of tremendous help in inventory control, stock-taking, statistical analysis of library usage and book searching etc. RFID based security mechanism will ensure safety from theft/larceny of library resources.