Website Development and Maintenance - Introduction

Website Development and Maintenance

Website development and maintenance group is committed to design and develop new web content according to the needs of the client. The group creates and maintains client web sites using PHP, JSP, open source CMS, Linux, MySQL, etc.”

UET Web Portal

UET Web Portal provides front-end of core information to the users of the UET website. It also provides an administrative interface for efficient management of the website’s content. The dynamic backend information system ensures the persistence of university data and other resources provided to the users through website. Application server management ensures dynamic behavior as well as 24/7 availability of the website to its users. A complete role based security is implemented for website users, e.g. administrators, content-updaters, teachers, students, and admission seekers, etc. The provision of open-source tools and technologies for development and deployment minimize the development as well as operational cost.