Software System Development of Hospital Management System - Introduction

Software System Development of Hospital Management System

The project was a requirement of an international client. The client had an existing data base that had been built in lotus 5.0. However due to large scale expansion and increasing number of services, they required to convert the existing database to a more flexible, evolving and futuristic technology. The task therefore entailed not only the design and development of a new database management system, but also the seamless transformation from one to the other.

The new system was designed for scalability and rapid upgrading. For this purpose a number of multifarious technologies were deployed. The core technology used was JAVA, JAVA beans & Data Access Objects. Since it was a web based application, Apache struts and XML was employed. On the data base end, we used Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition. For data management SQL stored procedures & SQL views were incorporated.

The software was built for robustness, and therefore all modules were upgraded from IBM web sphere 3.5 to IBM web sphere 5.1. The product has been finally delivered to the customer and is functioning well within their premises.

The system provided the user interface, enterprise functions as well as back end data bases. Various modules within the system included

  • Common employee
  • Directory of Patients
  • Directory of Physicians
  • Administration and Case Management
  • Referral (AUD, OTPT, CM, SP-Sub modules)
  • Managed Care Insurance
  • Employers
  • Codes (AUD, OTPT, CM, SP-Sub modules)
  • Preadmission