End-to-End Lightweight Security Framework for IoT - Introduction

End-to-End Lightweight Security Framework for IoT

The oneM2M standard is presented by European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and 7 other SDOs to provide a standardized horizontal platform to solve the issue of heterogeneity of devices within IoT and to allow interoperability among different proprietary as well as open source solutions for IoT systems. The security specifications of this standard are yet to be fully implemented within a single IoT system. The project aim is to develop an end-to-end oneM2M standard compliant secured IoT system that will include the complete implementation of oneM2M architecture and the development of security framework conformable to oneM2M standard. It will provide the secured system level architecture supporting various oneM2M service layer functionalities. Specifically, the proposed security framework will be adaptive to the unique security requirements of IoT applications and will be lightweight to meet the memory and computational limitations of constrained M2M devices. The implementation will be carried out on real hardware modules running constrained operating system(s). In a nutshell, the project will provide a horizontal platform to develop oneM2M standard compliant secure applications of IoT, with the adaptability features supporting multiple protection levels as per the variable context of IoT applications.