Energy Efficient IoT Solutions - Introduction

Energy Efficient IoT Solutions

These on-going projects are focused on developing IoT devices and solutions for different kinds of IoT use-case scenarios. Our indigenously developed devices are equipped with multiple sensors, running our tailored communication protocols and some of them are also running constrained OS. We utilized variety of different development boards and low power equipment available in market such as Raspberry-Pi, Arduino, ST, Discovery boards, Wi-Fi (ESP8266) and ZigBee, etc., to provide smart, energy efficient and intelligent environment for various types of IoT applications. The web-development and interactive mobile applications development are also part of these projects. Users can interact with our IoT devices through these mobile applications. They can access, control and schedule them as per user defined credentials and the whole process is flexible enough to change according to the user requirement and changes in environment. The data reported from the sensors installed on IoT devices are logged at cloud, while data analytics and predictive algorithms will be applied on it to further automate and enhance the user’s quality of experience.

We developed an IoT based livestock tracking and health monitoring system by employing low power long range communication technology named as LoRa (Long Rage). Various kind of ergonomic sensors are added within IoT devices to monitor the livestock health and to provide a platform for remote surveillance, offering veterinary services to diagnose any common disease related to domestic animals, and thus generating alerts to farmers as well as veterinary doctors on their mobile phones in case of any unusual event. These sensors would also help in establishing the feed requirements of livestock providing realistic estimates of their yield capacity also predicting the short and long term timings of yield output.

Another IoT solution is the automation of the internal environment of the domes of manual pizza ovens (which are popular nowadays to replace the costly electric pizza ovens). Our IoT device equipped with industry grade temprature sensors smartly control the temprature within pizza oven as per the requirement. This helps in flexibly scheduling the temprature witihn the dome.