MMI-DSS: Mobile Medical Imaging Decision Support System - Introduction

MMI-DSS: Mobile Medical Imaging Decision Support System

Proposed project is step towards the development and upgrading of health facility in Pakistan, by providing e-health system at door step. We are proposing a novel computer decision supported framework for people of Pakistan, which will target basically in the scientific area of mobile health. The incorporated medical diagnosis module and the online presentation of medical tests results may not only facilitate doctors’ and medical agencies work and support healthcare in general, but also and most importantly can benefit users by having an analytical picture of their health status at any place and time. Perhaps one of the most challenging targets for this system to reach is to draw individuals’ attention and give them motives to be more concerned about their health. A remedy to deter people from neglecting their health issues is providing further and targeted information, while this information is available on the main devices most people use on a regular basis, namely any station or a mobile phone connected to Internet, enabling access to their health status anytime and at any place. Ultimately, a time consuming and uneconomical checkup becomes a non-pestering procedure and also aids people to focus on more salient things, which is their test analyses. Concurrently, an online health test analysis breaks the geographical limitation since doctors and clients are now able to access one’s health status anytime anywhere in Pakistan.