Dr. Amir Mehmood [Associate Professor]

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Email: [email protected]
Dr.Amir Mehmood


Dr Amir Mehmood is currently working as Associate Professor and the Director of High Performance Computing and Networking Lab (HPCNL), at Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. Amir Mehmood is a subject matter expert in distributed systems, data science, artificial intelligence, social computing, systems engineering, and telecommunication with diverse experience in both industry and academia. He has obtained his Ph.D. degree in Engineering from the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Technical University Berlin / Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories, Berlin, Germany in 2012. He has done an internship at the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM), University of California Los Angeles, USA. 


Research Interest

  • Distributed Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Social Computing
  • Health Informatics
  • Cyber Security
  • Network Performance Evaluation 


    • Operating System Concepts, Computer Networks, Big Data Analytics, RouterLab Praktikum, Advance and Next Generation Computer Networks, Multimedia Applications over Broadband Networks, Advance Computer Networks, Current and Next Generation Networks.


Research projects 
  • National Center in big data and Cloud Computing (HEC, Ministry of planning and development, Pakistan (2018-2023)
  • Urdu Search Engine - Humkinar Pakistan (ICT RDF, 2012-present, PKR 33.3 M) 
  •  Run time parallelization of sequential binary code through JVM ( HEC 2015-present, PKR 3.4 M)
  • Development of Type2 hypervisor for MIPS64 based systems (ICT RDF, 2013-15, PKR 15.25 M)
  • System Mode Emulation in QEMU (HEC, 2013-15, PKR 4.05 M)
  • Mobisense/Mobisense Video (T-Labs, Berlin Germany, 2007-12)
  • Benchmarking ATM backbone of Pakistan Internet Exchange in collaboration with LUMS (PTCL R&D Fund, 2005)


Professional activities

  • Reviewer for Journals IEEE Network, Elsevier Computer Communications, Springer Computing



  • Best paper at IEEE ICET Conference, 2005, Islamabad Pakistan.
  • Best paper at IEEE CQR Workshop, 2011, Florida USA.
  • First prize in 2nd IEEE annual final year project competition at University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore Pakistan, 1996.




TitleAuthorJournal / Conference VolumeCategory


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- International Journal
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Validity of GRACE Risk Score as a Prognostic Marker of In-hospital Mortality after Acute Coronary Syndrome Samar Firdous, Muhammad Amir Mehmood and Uzma Malik Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, Issue : No.10,October 2017 27 International Journal
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Emulating an Octeon MIPS64 based Embedded System on X86 in QEMU M. A. Mehmood, Qurrat-ul-Ain, A. Akram, A. Qadeer and A. Waheed 19th IEEE International Multitopic Conference (INMIC), 2016. International Conference


We are all treated equal, aren't we? Flow-level performance as a function of flow size Mehmood, Amir and Feldmann, Anja and Uhlig, Steve and Willinger, Walter Networking 2014, held in Trondheim, Norway, in the 13th event of the series of International Conferences on Networking sponsored by the IFIP Technical Committee on Communication Systems (TC6) -- International Journal


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