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Sr. Event Title Event Type Date Facilitator
1 Wireless receiver design using Software Defined Radio (SDR) Workshop October 28 to Nov 01, 2013 Dr. M. Mahboob, Nokia Research Center, USA
2 International Conference on Open Source Systems and Technologies (ICOSST-2013) Conference December 16 to18, 2013 KICS
3 The Design and Working of a Dialogue Manager in a Spoken Dialogue System Seminar 7-Jan-14 Aitzaz Ahmed (CLE)
4 Eight Hottest Technology Trends Shaping Silicon Valley Now Seminar 8-Jan-14 Mr. NaeemZafar, CEO Telesense, USA
5 Methods for Subjective Evaluation of Synthesized Speech Seminar 21-Jan-14 Amen Hussain (CLE)
6 Machine learning for cause-effect pairs detection Seminar 11-Feb-14 Dr. Mehreen Saeed (CLE)
7 Font Size Independent Urdu Nastalique Noori Recognition & Classification Using Tesseract: Challenges Faced with Large Font Sizes Seminar 18-Feb-14 Amna Ejaz (CLE)
8 Project Exhibition in Punjab Youth Festival, 2014 Exhibition February 28 to Mar 03, 2014 KICS Collaboration with National ICT R&D Fund.
9 Software infrastructure for Spoken Dialogue System Seminar 4-Mar-14 Aneef Izhar ul Haq (CLE)
10 Computational Electromagnetics & Possible Research Activities at KICS Seminar 5-Apr-14 Dr. UsmanSaeed,
Assistant professor
11 Fallacies in Research of Pakistan Seminar 8-Apr-14 Dr.N. Rehan (CLE)
12 Scientific Writing and Research Methodology (SWARM) Workshop April 9, 10, 16 & 17, 2014 Dr. Imran Mahmood, Assistant professor
13 Solar Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Technology: Applications and Challenges Seminar 21-Apr-14 Dr. UmairAhsun,
14 Maturation Process of the Ligature Based Urdu Noori Nastalique Optical Character Recognizer Seminar 22-Apr-14 Aneeta Niazi (CLE)
15 3G WCDMA/ UMTS Workshop 23-Apr-14 HUTIC Team
16 ROBO-Sprint, 2014 Workshop 25-Apr-14 Mr. Ali Syed
Director RoboSprint
17 ASR Data Cleaning Guidelines Seminar 6-May-14 Asima Hameed (CLE)
18 Entrepreneurship Seminar 13-May-14 Mr. MonisRahman
CEO ,Naseeb Networks
19 Workshop on Modeling and Simulation Workshop May 16, 19, 22, 23, 26 & 29,2014 Dr. Imran Mahmood
Assistant professor
20 Break Indices and Phrasal Tones Seminar 20-May-14 Benazir Mumtaz (CLE)
21 Maturation Process of the Segmentation Based Urdu Noori Nastalique Optical Character Recognizer for 22 Font Size Seminar 5-Jun-14 Javeria Habib (CLE)
22 Automatic Urdu Text Genre Identification Seminar 25-Jun-14 Farah Adeeba (CLE)
23 Systematic and Easy Literature Review Techniques-Using EndNote, NVivo and Turnitin Workshop June 27 & 28, 2014 Dr. AmiraKhatak
Dr. ShafiqurRehman
Dr. MuahmmadRafiq
24 Issues and Strategies in Annotation at Phoneme Level Presenter Seminar 1-Jul-14 Mahwish Farooq (CLE)
25 Power Electronics Seminar 9-Jul-14 Dr. KhurramAfridi, University of Colorado
26 Latin-Nastalique Script Classification System Seminar 15-Jul-14 Muhammad Usman Ghani (CLE)
27 Development & Commercialization of Research Projects Workshop 20-Aug-14 Mr. TahirChaudhry
28 Systematic &Easy Literature Review Techniques-Using EndNote Workshop September 03 & 04, 2014 Dr. UsmanSaeed
Dr. Ali Hammad Akbar
29 Hidden Markov Model (HMM) based Speech Synthesis using HTS Toolkit Seminar 17-Sep-14 Omer Nawaz (CLE)
30 Pakathon: A Global Start-up Competition Conference Sep 26-28, 2014 KICS and IB&M, UET, Lahore
31 Page Segmentation in Urdu Nastalique Optical Character Recognizer Seminar 29-Sep-14 Qasim Ali (CLE)
32 Urdu Text Caption Detection from News Videos Seminar 16-Oct-14 Qurat ul Ain Akram (CLE)
33 LTE Networks & Physical Layer Modeling of LTE Air Interface Workshop Nov 10-14, 2014 Dr. UsmanSaeed, Dr. Omer Waqar, Ms.Madiha
34 Sense Tagged CLE Urdu Digest Corpus/Saba Urooj Seminar 11-Nov-14 Saba Urooj (CLE)
35 Conference on Language and Technology (CLT14) Conference Nov 13-15, 2014 CLE
36 Statistical Machine Translation/Guest Speech Seminar 21-Nov-14 Dr. Nadir Durrani (CLE)
37 2014 National Seminar on Coal Technologies – Geology, Mining, Processing and utility Seminar 26-Nov-14 KICS, CERAD and NSR
38 Existence of Diphthongs in Urdu Language and related Issues during Annotation process Seminar 2-Dec-14 Rashida Bhatti (CLE)
39 Research Funding Sources Seminar 3-Dec-14 Dr. UsmanSaeed
40 Word Sense Disambiguation Seminar 23-Dec-14 Omar Salman Manzoor
Sr. TitleTitle Event Type Date Facilitator
1 Classification of Clauses in Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) Seminar 20-Jan-15 Rida Hijab Basit (CLE)
2 Exceptional Behavior of Vowels in Urdu Language Seminar 10-Mar-15 Safdar Ali (CLE)
3 Automatic Stress Marking on Urdu Speech Corpus using Acoustic Cues Seminar 24-Mar-15 Wajiha Habib (CLE)
4 Safe online Spaces for Women in Pakistan Seminar 7-Apr-15 TICK
5 Introductory of Technology Incubation Center Seminar 8-Apr-15 TICK
6 Energy Deficit in Pakistan Seminar 9-Apr-15 M. Ali, EECL
7 Field Testing of ASR System for Weather Domain Seminar 14-Apr-15 Afsheen (CLE)
8 E-lancing Workshop 24-Apr-15 Mr. Rohan David
9 A Ground Truth Dataset for Performance Evaluation of Urdu Nastalique OCR Seminar 5-May-15 Aneeta Niazi (CLE)
10 Cleantech Program by UNIDO Workshop 11-May-15 TICK
11 Stress Marking on Urdu Speech Corpus using Acoustic Cues Seminar 2-Jun-15 Benazir Mumtaz (CLE)
12 Type-II Hypervisor for MIPS64 Based Systems Seminar 5-Jun-15 HPCNL
13 Procedure of Filling Tax Return Seminar 8-Jul-15 Mr. Usman
14 Introduction to Thermal Power Plant Seminar 9-Jul-15 Dr. Ilyas
15 Prosodic Annotation of Speech Workshop July 27-31, 2015 CLE
16 Acoustic Features based Language Identification Using Single Word Utterances with Fixed Vocabulary Seminar 4-Aug-15 Farah Adeeba (CLE)
17 Idea development and product creation Seminar 10-Aug-15 TICK
18 Startup Pirates, LHR Seminar 19-Aug-15 TICK
19 Startup Pirates, LHR Seminar 20-Aug-15 TICK
20 “Workshop on Local Content Creation & NLP” Seminar 27-Aug-15 CLE
21 Empirical analysis for non-stationary signal de-noising, de-trending and Seminar 3-Sep-15 IEEE CS Lhr Section
dis15crimination applications.
22 Train16ing session for University Automation System Seminar 4-Sep-15 UMS Team
23 Building B18eautiful Minds Seminar 7-Sep-15 Mr. Nasir Aziz
24 An Acoustic Phonetic Analysis of Six Major Accents of Urdu in Pakistan Seminar 8-Sep-15 Mahwish Farooq (CLE)
25 Performance Analysis of Weather Information System Seminar 6-Oct-15 Muhammad Qasim (CLE)
26 Demonstration and presentation of newly developed web application LMS for UET teaching staff Seminar 9-Oct-15 UMS Team
27 Curriculum for Energy Efficiency Advisor UMS Team 9-Oct-15 Dr. KashifJaved, Consultant
28 Investigating the Impact of Open Educational Resources (OERs) on Education in Pakistan Seminar 20-Oct-15 Muhammad Ahsan ul Haq (CLE)
29 Alternate Pronunciation & regarding issues Seminar 27-Oct-15 Muhammad Ayub (CLE)
30 In Pursuit of Disease Therapeutics: a System Biology Perspective Seminar 29-Oct-15 IEEE CS Lhr Section
31 NLP Implementation on Quran Text & AI Base Systems for Arabic Language Seminar 30-Oct-15 Mr. Haq Nawaz (CLE)
32 Natural Language Descriptions For Video Sequences  Seminar 3-Nov-15 IEEE CS Lhr Section
33 Leadership and Motivation Seminar 17-Nov-15 TICK
34 Cognitive Development for Reading the Written Text Seminar 18-Nov-15 Qurat ul Ain Akram (CLE)
35 Entrepreneurial Spirit Seminar 24-Nov-15 TICK
36 Discovery and Forecasting of Trending Topics in Online Media Seminar 3-Dec-15 Prof. Dr. H.C Andreas Dengel, DFKI, Germany
37 Marking of Secondary Stress in Urdu Speech Corpus   8-Dec-15 Rashida Bhatti (CLE)
38 Local Content Development and Online Access Seminar 29-Dec-15 Rida Hijab Basit (CLE)
Sr. TitleTitle Event Type Date Facilitator
1 Urdu Approximants Seminar 19-Jan-16 Saadia Ambreen (CLE)
2 User-centric Design for 5G Wireless Networks-Opportunities &Challenges Workshop 9-Feb-16 Dr. OmerWaqar
3 Research and Study opportunities in Taiwan Seminar 19-Feb-16 Prof. Jerry Lin, Taiwan Tech University
4 Quantum Computing: Fiction Turning into Reality' Seminar 26-Feb-16 Dr. M. Ahsan
5 District Names Speech Corpus for Urdu ASR Seminar 15-Mar-16 Sahar Rauf (CLE)
6 Future in Embedded Systems, its scope & prospects Seminar 17-Mar-16 Ms. Sarah
7 Tutorial Session Seminar March 21, 22 &24, 2016 Dr. MuzammilShahbaz
8 Software Application Research & Development Seminar April 9-22, 2016 Ms. Sobia ,SSRL
9 Youth Empowerment Seminar 14-Apr-16 TICK
10 LTE-A and 5G Technologies Workshop April 18-22, 2016 Dr. Omer Waqar, KICS
11 Student Social Responsibility(SSR) Seminar April 27,2016 Prof. Dr. Sajjad H. Sheikh
12 Introduction to ERPnext Workshop April 29,2016 Muhammad Ali, BRL
13 Young Leaders Speaking Out Seminar May 02,2016 Amina Khalid
14 Launch of Cleantech Business Plan competition(UNIDO) Seminar May 03,2016 TICK
15 XWiki and Subversion Workshop May 03,2016 Muhammad Ali, BRL
16 Plan 9-Pitching Idea Competition Seminar May 04& 06,2016 Ahmar Sultan,
President IEEE CS
17 How to build a world class research group in Controls and Signals Processing Seminar May 13,2016 Dr. Amir Bhatti, CUST
18 Phonological Variation of Vowel in Urdu:  Epenthetic Schwa Seminar 24-May-16 Hafsa Qadir (CLE)
19 Error Analysis of Dictionary Files Seminar 7-Jun-16 Javairia Khalid (CLE)
20 IEEE ComSoc Summer School Conference July 28-29,2016 KICS
21 Patents, Copyrights and Trade Marks Registration in Pakistan Seminar August 02,2016 Ms. Shakra, IPO
22 Presentation on Patents, Copyrights and Trade Marks Registration in Pakistan Seminar August 16,2016 Ms. Shakra, IPO
23 A Management and Evaluation Framework for English to Urdu Translation Seminar August 16,2016 Aneeta Niazi (CLE)
24 Demonstration and presentation of web application LMS Seminar Sep07,2016 UMS Team
25 Youth Development Foundation on better and constructive usage of social media Seminar Sep 22-23,2016 TICK
26 Achieving Excellence Seminar October 19,2016 Mr. M. Taqi
27 Five Habits of Highly Successful People Seminar October 26,2016 M. Ali, President, YCL
28 Student Social Responsibility Seminar Nov09,2016 Dr. Sajjad
29 Conference on Language and Technology 2016  Conference Nov 17-18,2016 CLE
30 Demonstration of LMS Seminar Nov 15,2016 UMS Team
31 10 th IEEE ICOSST-2016 Conference Dec 15-17,2016 KICS
32 Building Exceptional Communication Skill Seminar 29-Dec-16 Mr. Jahanzaib Akbar