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Courses & Certifications

Solar System Design

Duration: One Week

  • To get an insight on solar energy potential in global and Pakistani prospective
  • To learn how to optimize load on user side and design corresponding complete solar system for defined load, its installation and commission
  • To familiarize with concept of net metering and its future implementation
  • To educate attendees about load consumption and causes of unabated demand resulting in energy crises and its trends.
  • To get familiar with PV market trends

Target Audience: Male/female post graduate/graduate/undergraduate students and professional with Science/Engineering background
Course Content:
  • Introduction to Solar system and detailed components installation for on/off grid systems
  • Introduction to Grid connected/stand-alone Inverters, battery types and parameters, charge controller
  • Complete system sizing of solar system and its components with installation guidance
  • Important loads in domestic/commercial sector, load measurement and introduction of energy efficient devices
  • Maximum Power Point tracking and its methods
  • Cost analysis and payback period