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Virtual Brain: Brain Modeling with Brain Computer Interface for Robot Navigation

The proposed project servers as the foundation of Brain Informatics domain; covering brains macro and micro level details from various perspectives. The project involves brain modeling and development of Brain Computer Interface for robot navigation. Electroencephalography (EEG) signals are used…

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End-to-End Lightweight Security Framework for OneM2M

The oneM2M standard is presented by European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to provide a standardized horizontal platform to solve the issue of heterogeneity of devices within IoT and to allow interoperability among different proprietary as well as open source solutions…

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Smart Building

The project proposes to exploit the Internet of Things (IoT) technology for building management and energy conservation. Most of the existing building automation systems focus on providing comfort, light and safety. In order to achieve intelligence in smart buildings for…

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Energy Efficient IoT Solutions

This on-going project is focused on developing IoT development boards equipped with different kinds of for multiple use-case scenarios of IoT. These indigenously developed boards are running our tailored communication protocols and some of them are also running constrained OS.…

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Protect the Candy Game

Protect the Candy is in its testing phase. The game is scheduled for release on 30th November, 2016.

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Intellectual Property Core Design for the Soft-Cancellation Decoder of Polar Codes

"The project will build an intellectual property (IP) core for FPGA-based hardware of the soft-cancellation (SCAN) decoder for polar codes."

 Almost every digital communication system and data storage device now-a-days use error-correcting codes to increase the data rate and storage…

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Automatic Security and Surveillance System for Video Sequences:

The Islamic republic of Pakistan is the world's sixth most populous country and is placed 5th on the list of strongest nations militarily. In addition, Pakistan in Asia has much geographical importance because of its strategic location. Firstly, Pakistan is…

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Smart Phone based Natural Language Description of Visual Scene

This project proposal implements a visual scene understanding system on a mobile phone platform. It builds on our recent work, a bottom-up approach to describing video contents in natural language. It is a part of a three-year project, and the…

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