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Project Usecases

Commercial Usecases

Home Security, Automation and Power Management We will go beyond the scope of the project and will implement an Integrated application that will not involve cameras but also the scalar sensors for better home automation and security. In this application, we will use an integrated sensors in which motions sensors will trigger the video camera on detection of motion so that the energy and bandwidth can be conserved by preventing continuous streaming from cameras. Apart from the intruder detection for home security, various safety sensors will also be deployed that includes, temperature, light, smoke and gas. Temperature sensor will be used for multiple purposes; early fire detection, HVAC.
Intelligent Video Surveillance In this application, WiFi integrated video cameras will be deployed at the sites under surveillance. These cameras will be connected to the cloud based web server (CS). The camera will be running an HTTP server so that CS request streams from the cameras using REST APIs. We can initially use the commercial-off-the-shelf cameras, which can later be replaced with our own built green camera node. CS will allow users to create accounts, add/connect their private cameras to it. Users can control cameras through the CS by turning them ON/OFF and setting recording schedule. Moreover, motion/object alerts can also be generated which are either resulted from the CS stream processing or the camera node itself. Therefore, users can also register for such alerts. The application will be web based using web browsers in addition to the Android App for smartphones. If the user has configured a stream to be stored at the CS then he/she can retrieve it by using time range, object based and possibly text based search (to be implemented in future).