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Pilot Project on the Designing & Fabrication of 21KW Direct/ Indirect Evaporative Cooling Systems

The supply difficulties, depletion of energy resources and extreme environmental harmful effects like global warming, depletion of ozone layer and climate change has refused to overcome the increase in the fast growing world energy demand on daily basis. The worldwide contribution towards the energy consumption from the building, of both residential and commercial has increased in the percentage between 20% and 40% in the developing countries, and this percentage is higher than other major sectors like transportation and industrial. There are many factors like increase in growth of population, increasing demand for building services and the human comfort level, energy consumption time in the building, which shows that energy demand will continue to grow in the future. This is the reason that there is a need to focus at the energy policy at regional, national and international level as a prime objective.

Evaporative cooling is a vast field of study and extensive research has been conducted in this field. Research in this field of evaporative cooling technology has been found to be very scattered and many designs regarding evaporative cooling had been introduced to cool the air below the wet bulb temperature. A new design is going to presented in which air will be cooled towards its dew point temperature. The heat mass exchanger will design with highly thermal conductive materials provided with the support of hydrous and hydrophobic materials. The heat exchanger is to follow the counter-current flow and cross flow pattern. The efficiency of indirect air cooling is researched to be 80% higher than the conventional refrigeration based air cooling systems. The design will be modified to provide cheaper, energy efficient, fresh, cool, and humidity free and filtered solution to users. To get maximum efficiency of the system a highly conductive material will be used