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Software System Development of Anti-Key Logger – Providing Security Behind The Scene

There are lots of key loggers available to use including Key-Sniper. But the anti-key logging applications are very rare to find. 'Anti-Key Logger' is one of the best anti spy software which provides complete system protection against any key-logger. It's customized options like 'System Scan', 'Directory Scan' and 'File Scan' provides the complete security solution to the user. It's the only anti-key logger which is successfully tested against all available key-loggers. It also provides the mechanisms of Confidence Level, Icon Information, File Information etc.

Key-Loggers are really a severe threat not only to system security but at the same time to the privacy of the user. Their unique architecture and intelligent execution hides them from anti-virus applications. This application is the solution of this problem and it detects all those application, using the system keyboard hook.

Non-signature based scanning is one of the finest feature of this application. This feature frees the anti-key logger from any future update and also enables it to detect any type of key-logger.

The unique features of the anti-key logger are as follows:

  • Non-signature Based Scanning
  • Scanning of System Hidden Processes
  • Directory and File Scanning
  • Provision of "Known Applications"
  • Termination of Suspicious Process
  • Ability of Process Marking