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Software System Development of Key Sniper – Protects System Dynamically

It's a system security application which helps to protect and monitor system dynamically. It's basically key-logging application which works in complete invisible mode, not even seen in system task manager. It logs all the keys typed by any user on the system along with useful information like active window name, date and time of keyboard activity. The application is also capable to send the keyboard logs on a given e-mail address.

It provides the complete security and monitoring solution. Its complete undetectable nature provides it protection from possible anti-viruses. Key-Sniper also has the built-in feature of ‘silent start-up’. This functionality enables it to automatically start execution each time when system initiates its working or even when restarted.

The silent features of the Key-Sniper are as follows:

  • System Start-up Integration
  • Password Protection
  • Hot-Keys Enabled
  • Encrypted Log Maintenance
  • System Message Queue Hooking
  • Screen Capturing
  • Remotely Keys-Log Delivery by e-mail