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Software System Development of CapIT – A Dynamic SWF Generation Tool

It is a powerful desktop capturing tool to generate the SWF (Shockwave Flash) files. The distinction of this application is the ability to export the output in SWF format. It provides various customized modes of desktop capturing i.e. 'Full Desktop Capturing', 'Application Capturing' and 'Region Capturing'. The application is also capable to export the movie frames in both BMP and JPEG format. The feature of 'Extreme Capturing' is an example of its own which provides the unique blind of artificial intelligence and optimization.

CapIT also endows with the unique features to address the various customized needs of the user. These features include adjustment of capture and playback rate, flexible compression ratio, dynamic pointer settings and also the ability of audio integration.

The system consists of major features like:

  • Complete Desktop Capture
  • Specific Application Capture
  • Specific Region Capture
  • Adjustable Compression Ratio
  • Event Base Intelligent Capturing
  • Audio Integration