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Collaborative Project with Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard

As part of our efforts to achieve the necessary capacity in bioinformatics, we are working in collaboration with The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (http://www.broad.mit.edu) to create the components of a public database that provides transparent access to a high-quality compound probe development research data generated as part of ongoing projects at Broad Institute, enabling the data to be used effectively by the outside researchers as it is used by the Broad investigators.

This database would contain the information on small molecules contained in the Broad Institute screening collections along with details of the assays performed on those molecules and any results. Wherever possible, the database would link to other external databases containing the related information, such as ChemSpider and PubChem. Such a database would be critical in enabling effective use of the research data in other public repositories such as ChemSpider and PubChem. We are confident that this effort will help us establish new standards for quality and transparency in public databases.