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Implementation of ZigBee Protocol Stack

The project is all about implementation of ZigBee (set of specs built around the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless protocol, developed by ZigBee Alliance) protocol stack by using Chipcon cc2430 chips. For this purpose we use the C programming language (structured according to nesC) and the TinyOS operating system. TinyOS is an open source operating system, implemented using nesC and designed for wireless embedded sensor networks. Having a working implementation of the IEEE 802.15.4 wrapper in 'C' language, we may continue to implement the ZigBee protocol stack on top. We start of by analyzing the requirements for our sensor application and identifying the parts of the ZigBee protocol stack we consider necessary to support this. Afterwards we discuss how to implement these parts. When implementing, we took a bottom up approach. First we will implement the protocol stack with required functionality, based on the ZigBee specifications. Given the aforementioned context, our project is specifically based upon following main tasks:

  • Studying ZigBee standard and analyzing it according to our applications. To implement the ZigBee protocol stack above MAC layer defined by IEEE 802.15.4
  • To implement a minimal ZigBee protocol stack keeping temperature sensor application in view.
  • To create a ZigBee network and implement wireless communication activity between different nodes.
  • To implement a SCADA based activity (motor control) using ZigBee protocol.