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Energy Audit and installation of 35.1KW Hybrid Off-Grid Solar System for KICS building

Energy Audit of KICS building was performed following the installation of 35.1KW off-grid solar system installation. Approximately 80% lighting load of the building was cut off after Energy audit to conserve energy. Conventional light panels were replaced with LED light panels which were assembled by AERIL team.After light retrofitting, 35.1KW solar system was installed. System is consisted of 180 solar panels each of rated power 200W and is designed to sustain backup of 4 hours.

Services provided by our lab staff:

Team performed the energy audit of the building and load reduction means were implemented.

Lighting load is replaced by LED panels (manufactured in KICS).

Team performed designing of system

Tender documentations

Technical evaluation of equipment

Installation of complete solar system

Post installation monitoring, data logging and data analysis of solar system.