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Project Deliverables


24 months Demonstration of the project Report on demonstration of green camera in IoM and comparison of performance with the same experiments performed with COTS Wi-Fi cameras, Journal papers on Green communication protocol for IoM, Green and resource aware video encoding algorithm for low powe EGVS-Q8.pdf
21 months Implementation of all energy efficient functions on green camera node,Seminar/Workshop will be organized on Environment & users friendly Multimedia solutions Report on implentation of the algorithms and protocols in green camera node, Demo of five nodes example scenario in Fig 10 of the Proposal, Report on the seminar/workshop organization, Report on the compliance test of new features in IEEE 802.11 EGVS-Q7.pdf
18 months Development of green camera node, Performance analysis on link layer for green communication, Development of new energy efficient 802.11 functions, Development of prototype green camera node Report on link layer for green communication, Conference paper on energy efficiency in IEEE 802.11 for IoM EGVS-Q6.pdf
15 months Development of hybrid video encoding scheme, Development of green multihop routing protocol Report on the design and implementation of proposed video encoding with the source code, Report on the implementation of green multihop routing communication protocol with the source code, Conference paper on hybrid video encoding scheme for low power and EGVS-Q5.pdf
12 months Design specifications of green communication protocol Development Design of new energy efficient IEEE 802.11 functions Green communication multihop routing protocol design report New IEEE 802.11 functions and algorithms Mathematical analysis of IEEE 802.11+ performance and evaluation done through network simulation, Conference paper on green routing protocol for IoM EGVS-Q4.pdf
9 months Performance analysis of existing efforts of green communication protocol, Design specifications of IoM architecture Report on existing efforts of green communication IoM architecture design report EGVS-Q3.pdf
6 months Performance analysis of existing energy efficient approaches for IEEE 802.11 design specification of green camera node performance analysis of existing video encoding techniques Report on limitations of the existing IEEE 802.11 techniques green camera node hardware specifications report, Report on Existing video encoding techniques for IoM EGVS-Q2.pdf
3 months Review of existing solutions and standards, Lab setup Project SRS and execution plan Lab Setup Report EGVS-Q1.pdf