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TICK Proudly Launches Chargeable Electric Bike That Does 100 KM on a Single Charge

TICK has launched a Turbo Electric Bike called Simtaar that accelerates to 60 kilometer per hour. The brilliance of this electric bike is that it does more than 100 km on a single charge. All you need is to have an electric socket to charge it and the best of the best is that you can charge the bike anywhere from any electric socket. The luminous minds behind this innovation are Abdul Basit and Asra Alvi.

The Turbo Electric Bike Simtaar was introduced to the Vice Chancellor UET Lahore, Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid and Director KICS, Prof. Waqar Mahmood. Other faculty members were also present at the occasion.

Vice Chancellor took a keen interest in this innovation and also took a ride enjoyably. You may visit TICK's Official Facebook Page for more updates at https://www.facebook.com/tick.uet/