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Dawer Saeed of KICS to Deliver a Workshop on Robot Building in UET Lahore

Dawer Saeed from KICS (Al-Khawarazmi Institute of Computer Science) is going to deliver a workshop on ‘Robot Building’ at Electrical Department UET Lahore on 25th and 26th January 2017. This workshop is a presentation of IET UET Chapter. It will endow the participants a chance to equip themselves with knowledge of building a full-fledged robot from scratch. The main intention is to enable the students especially the newcomers to develop wireless controlled robots. The workshop will also be helpful in setting the students on the path of robot-making.

The students will learn about the famous micro controller ‘Arduino’ and how to interface different sensors, motors and actuators with it. This workshop will also focus on building a robot controlled with an Android phone via Bluetooth.

After attending the workshop, you will be able to learn the below skills:

Arduino programming skills
Motor control
Motor shields working
Wireless control
Techniques on making a completely functioning robot for our upcoming event ‘Robowars’

Post the workshop, there will be an exhibition of the robots at EE Lobby on 27th of January. To register for this workshop, click the link below.