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Kashif Bashir from KICS Receives IEEE Comsoc Outstanding Technical Chapter Award 2016

IEEE Lahore Section has been awarded with the distinction of Outstanding Technical Chapter Award 2016 out of 5 Technical Chapters. The event was held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of IEEE Lahore Section in 7th January 2017 at FAST Institute in Lahore, where Mr. Kashif Bashir, Chair IEEE Comsoc Lahore Sectio & Manager HUTIC KICS UET Lahore, received the award from Dr. Amjad Hussain (Director FAST NU) and Dr. Ali Kashif Bashir (Osaka University, Japan).

34 Universities’ IEEE branches and faculty members attended this event applauded by all and sundry out there.

IEEE COMSOC Lahore Sction arranged a number of technical events in 2016 and initiated the COMSOC summer school program efficiently in Pakistan. It has bigger plans for year 2017 in store.

It is without any doubt a big achievement that took place with the support of Director KICS UET Lahore Prof. Dr. Waqar Mahmood, who congratulated Mr. Kashif Bashir and his team for achieving this milestone and great distinction.