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TICK firmly believes in changing the national and individual fortune by familiarizing and exposing students to the Entrepreneurial Ventures and Startup Culture. We do this by providing students with the required infrastructure, office space, mentoring and consultancy to nourish their ideas from infant seed stage to the flourished high growth venture. Visit our official website

Our Mission is to create Startups, foster Innovation and Entrepreneurship among students to channelize their creativity for their better tomorrow. Because with proper guidance and mentor ship, even a small amount of seed money can prove to be a great Launchpad and make a huge difference when surrounded by right resources. Hence, this way we can create exceptional companies by the leverage of knowledge, experience and infrastructure.

We are hybrid in our approach, we partner with early stage technology based and product startups, help them grow and create an impact on societal level by solving some problem. We also help these nascent ventures to commercialize, gain traction, and connect them with industry and investors. Our main emphasis is on the success of these incubated ventures. We aim to achieve it by continuous guidance, monitoring and ensuring an increasing growth rate .

Our Core Principles

We ought to commit to the two core principles of business incubation. These principles of ours characterizing effective business incubation is as follow:

  • Maximizing the success of emerging companies.
  • The successful Dynamic model of a sustainable operations


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