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Software Systems Research Lab (SSRL)


Software Systems Research Lab (SSRL) offers software development and research services in diverse domains including web applications, enterprise systems development, prototyping, and smart-phone applications. Since 2002, the group has developed a number of solutions that implement complicated business logic and complex workflows. SSRL is currently expanding its services by engaging in research and development activities in the areas of smart-phone applications and games. Open source technologies are extensively utilized in software development in order to achieve cost and time efficiencies. SSRL also offers trianings in web application development and mobile app and game development.

Following are some of the software systems and training programs developed by SSRL:

  • uHands: Emergency Management System built on location based technologies.
  • Wi-CAM: TR-069 and OMA-DM Auto Configuration Server for remote provisioning, configuration, and firmware upgrade for Consumer Premise Equipments.
  • UAMS: University Academics Management System
  • Certificate Program in Mobile App and Game Development.
  • Library management system using RFID technologies.
  • Biometric attendance management system
  • Configuration and customization of Open ERP.1

Lab Objective's :

  • To providing better in-house developed Web Hosting services to UET and our clients to cater the needs of publishing the content online.
  • To assist UET to automate its various processes like faculty profiles management, library, admissions, research journal publications, alumni re-union, student financial aids delivery etc.
  • To provide web development services like University and KICS websites and other sub-domains like conferences website, events and seminars.
  • To Support QS world ranking committee and HEC university ranking committee to provide complex reporting
  • To write proposals to various funding institutions to bid for projects offered.