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Humanitarian Lab


Mission on Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science Humanitarian Lab is to look for problems of society and use its abilities to help society. Based inside Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science University of Engineering & Technology Lahore Pakistan. We strive to gather capable and competent researchers at one platform and provide them with favorable and motivational environment for creating innovative technologies and products.

1)   To address the problems of Society through technology.

2)   To manage crisis caused by catastrophes, conflict, epidemics, etc

3)   To address basic health & food crisis in region.


Humanitarian Lab at KICS has initiated following:

1.   Community School in rural area for promoting free education to slum area kids (girls/boys).

2.   Develop model of smart village with empowered education for females to create opportunity for rural community.

3.   Working with Government of Punjab for the establishment digital libraries in 30 districts of Punjab for provision of quality education/material for better development.

4.   KICS is providing consultancy to the energy and school department Government of Punjab for electrification of 4000 schools in Punjab (Rural & urban) with solar technology & upgrading education standards.

5.   KICS has awarded more than 7000 IT certifications to student specially encouraging the women to participate. It is pertinent to note that a female instructor of KICS (Saba Iram) has acclaimed worldwide recognition by becoming first female HCIE R&S certified engineer.

6.   KICS has skill development program for improving skills in different specialized areas in Pakistan.  It has arranged funding from NAVTTC (National Vocational Technical Training Commission) and PSDF (Punjab Skill Development Fund) and GIZ (Germany).


7.   KICS has won humanitarian Project competition of IEEE IAS USA Chapter.