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Center for System Simulation and Visual Analytics Research (C-SVAR)


The Centre for System Simulation and Visual Analytics Research (C-SVAR) was set up in February, 2012 in Department of Electrical Engineering, UET Lahore. C-SVAR operates under the jurisdiction of Al-Khwarizmi Institute of Computer Science (KICS). The Chairman of Electrical Engineering Department, Dr. Muhammad Naeem Ayyaz is the Director of C-SVAR.

C-SVAR’s project falls in the domain of Research and Development, for this reason the C-SVAR team consists of Bachelor Students, Masters Students, Ph.D. Students and Professional Software Developers. C-SVAR funded and instructed two Final Year Projects of Bachelor Students from the 2008 session and one of 2009 session of the Department of Electrical Engineering at UET Lahore. Currently one group from 2010 is also working on their Final Year Projects. C-SVAR funds these projects as well as provides full-time instructors for the guidance of students. In addition, 4 Masters Theses and 1 PhD Thesis of EE students are currently in progress under the supervision and guidance of C-SVAR. 

The primary area of focus is data analysis and visualization, may it be using desktop applications, web forms or smartphone applications. So, at C-SVAR our development ranges from Web-Development in scripting languages such as PHP to Desktop Applications using structured languages such as Java, C, C++ and C#.