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  • At 1100 hrs, Dr. Waqar Mahmood, Director Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Sciences (KICS), UET, Lahore, delivered a short presentation on introduction to the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore to the participants of the delegation from Korea upon their arrival at the campus. The presentation included an introduction to the institution and its history.

    Please Read Detailed Report on Korean Deligation's Visit to UET Lahore

    The presentation was followed by lunch, served at the Staff Colony Club.

    After lunch, the Korean guests were taken to the Seminar Hall of Chemical Engineering Department. Korean professors delivered presentations to the attendees about different projects that are underway in different Korean universities. The titles of different projects are as follows:

    •    Capston Design Presentation
    •    Development of High Efficient Indirect Evaporative Cooling System
    •    Coolbox Electric Fan
    •    Development of Evacuation Guidance Lighting System using LED and Laser Energy Saving Multitap
    •    Remote Control of LED Lighting using Bluetooth
    •    Solar Mining Fibre Optic Coupler
    •    Solar Powered Portable LED Lamp
    •    Self-Generated Electricity Bicycle

    After the conclusion of presentations from guest participants, presentations from different researchers of KICS UET, Lahore were delivered. While the presentations were in progress, tea was also served to the guest participants.
    Upon completion of the presentations, five MOUs were signed at the Vice Chancellor’s (Dr. Fazal Ahmed Khalid) office. The details of the MOUs are given below:

    •    MOU 1:
    Hybrid Vehicle, Wind Turbine, Motors Efficiency (Honam University, CERAD, UET)
    Chonnam National University
    Honam University

    •    MOU 2:
    Solar PV Solutions, Appliances, Design and Energy Efficiency
    Chosun University, Gwangju University, Jeonnam Provincial College

    •    MOU 3:
    Video Surveillance System, Security, Image Processing
    Chonnam National University

    •    MOU 4:
    Product & Industrial Design, Capston Design
    Chosun University, Gwangju University, Honam University
    Chonnam University
    Joennam Provincial College

    •    MOU 5:
    Scooter Development Project
    Honam University, UET Lahore