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  • USL Induction ceremony was held on Wednesday, 25th November, 2015 at KICS, UET, Lahore.

    USLs, who are they?
    A bunch of people with true aspirations
    A group with sheer steep ambitions
    Who lead, succeed and supersede
    For many who are real inspirations

    These remarkably influential front-runners were 29 in number who attained this position after a stern evaluation during three months of probation period assigned to them. Proper joining letters were awarded to them by honorable Director of Al-khuwarizmi Institute of Computer Science Dr. Waqar Mahmood. He appreciated the energetic spirits of his youth and especially this particular freshly selected cream of the crop. Entire ceremony was bloomed with the thriving video annotation delivered by Mr. Rehan Tariq wonderfully depicting the efforts of the USL team. Furthermore the pitches of the team leads regarding their strategies for the accomplishment of the upcoming targets in ICOSST’15 proved that USLs do not need a reason to be the best - everything is properly preplanned here. With this pledge once again the ceremony concluded with a ritual group photoshoot.

    With this warm welcome to the new members, TICK will continue working assiduously in days to come and invigorate its members to show their skills and abilities in every aspect.