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  • Title: In Pursuit of Disease Therapeutics: a System Biology Perspective

    Date and Time:   Thursday, 29th Oct 2015    12:00 hrs - 13:00 hrs

    Venue: Seminar Hall, KICS, UET, GT Road, Lahore

    (Focal Person: Dr. Amir Mahmood, 030-094-19079)

    Speaker: Dr. Bilal Wajid


    The focuses of innovation in current drug discovery is on new targets, yet compound efficacy and safety in biological models of disease — not target selection — are the criteria that determine which drug candidates enter the clinic. Systems biology aims to describe and to understand the operation of complex biological systems and ultimately to develop predictive models of human disease. Large-scale gene, protein and metabolite measurements ('omics') dramatically accelerate hypothesis generation and testing in disease models. A biology-driven approach is required for drug discovery, one that involves screening compounds by automated response profiling in disease models based on complex human-cell systems. Drug discovery through cell systems biology approach promises to improve decision making in pharmaceutical development.

    Speaker’s Biography:

    Dr. Bilal Wajid received his B.Sc. Hons, Electrical Engineering (EE) degree from University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Lahore, Pakistan, in 2007 and his M.Sc. EE from UET, Lahore, Pakistan, in 2009. He completed his Ph.D. in EE from Texas A&M University (TAMU), College Station, TX, USA in 2015. He is currently teaching at UET Lahore and UET KSK campus. He has previously taught as a Lecturer/Visiting Faculty at UET Lahore, UET KSK, TAMU, Texas A&M International University and DUKE University.