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  • Hands-on ARM Embedded Systems Development Training                                        [Get Registered]

    Embedded systems are central to the technological world with applications from ambient devices and cars to satellites and power plants. Interfacing multiple concurrent subsystems that interact with real-time signals and produce a sequence of interdependent and time-controlled actions is the essence of embedded systems development. This workshop provides comprehensive understanding with hands-on experience on the hardware and software technologies used in embedded systems.

    Higher computing capability, low power consumption and low cost leads to one of the most common uses for ARM processors in embedded applications today. Currently, ARM is the market leader, having more than 95% share, in providing processors for smartphones. Some renowned universities like, UT Austin, University of Michigan and University of Washington have transformed their courses on ARM processors. We, here at UET, also revised and offered an ARM based embedded systems course for the first time in Pakistan.

    This, first of its kind, training provides hands-on experience to develop real world embedded applications using ARM based microcontroller. We follow a bottom-up approach, starting with simpler applications and gradually moving towards more complex systems.


    • Familiarize with the architecture of ARM Cortex-M4 processors.
    • Interfacing and programming different modules of LM4F120H5QR based Stellaris Launchpad board using firmware libraries as well as register level programming.
    • Implementation of serial communication protocol on Stellaris Launchpad.

    Hardware Software Tools:

    • Hardware tools include ARM Cortex-M4 based Stellaris Launchpad and an expansion board.
    • Software development will be done using KEIL µVision 4 for ARM (mdk-arm)


    • Learn about the architecture of Cortex-M4 processor
      • Operation modes
      • Memory map
      • Bus interfaces
      • Instruction set
    • Interface LM4F120 microcontroller to input/output devices.
    • Hands-on experience of reading and writing data on a parallel port.
    • Interface timers in different modes for time base generation.
    • Generate PWM for controlling the speed of DC motor.
    • Establish a communication channel with computer using UART protocol.

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    Duration: June, 9th to June, 19th 2014

    Time: 3:00pm – 5:30pm

    Registration Fee: Rs. 10000/- (Special 30% discount for UET students)                  [Get Registered]

    Note: Dead line for fee submission is 7th June, 2014


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