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  • Riding the rampant entrepreneurial wave in Pakistan, UET has introduced its own incubation centre named TICK. It operates under the Al-Khwarizmi Institute of Computer Sciences, commonly known as KICS. For awareness and promotional purposes seminars are conducted in and outside UET. One of such events includes a seminar in UCP, the title of which was “Entrepreneurship and TICK Incubation Centre”.

    It took place on 13 th May’14 at Main Auditorium of University of Central Punjab from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m . Many inspirational speakers and young entrepreneurs were invited. The auditorium was filled with crowd, mainly UCP students, who eagerly listened to motivational talks.

    The seminar commenced with the recitation of Holy verses of Quran, after that Mr.Awais -host and member of TICK introduced Mr.Rashid Khalid--Director of Bureau of Placement and Promotion, UCP, who shared his thoughts about entrepreneurship and the TICK Incubation program. He praised TICK, for providing such a platform for students and encouraged innovation in science and technology.

    He ended up by saying:

    Don’t ever give up; the day you give up is the day you die

    After that Mr.Farhan Riaz—Program Manager at TICK and an entrepreneur himself explained, what an entrepreneur is by relating it with the roller coaster ride having lots of twist and turns. He shared his journey (from engineering to entrepreneurship) with us.

    After that Mr.Ahmad Hyatt—Co-founder of Softception and an IT manager of Tech venture presented his reviews about entrepreneurship and the inherent risk factors. He emphasized good marketing strategy and target audience by giving a reference of one of Plan9’s product Hometown who makes traditional leather footwear providing a way for local artisans to earn money while spreading a positive image of Pakistan. He told us to follow 3 techniques; innovation, experimentation and perfection.

    He wrapped up his talk by stating something which brought goose bumps among attendees:

    Your ideas can get stolen, but no one can steal your passion

    Another speaker Ms.Fatima Rizwan—woman entrepreneur, founder of Tech juice; a social site which writes about entrepreneurs and tech events shared her story with us. She delivered her passion among attendees by exhibiting her failures, ventures and never giving up strategy.

    She advocated doing what you are passionate about. 90% of startup fails but if you are passionate enough to see the world with different angle you will surely come up with something new and successful. She emphasized on creating value and taking initiative rather than running after money.

    In the last speakers took some hard and fast questions from attendees and answered them boldly. All of the speakers got presented with souvenirs by the Director of KICS—Dr.Waqar Mehmood, who thanked them for their time.

    In the end Amina Javaid—member of TICK explained about TICK, i.e. training (boot camps), part of startup challenges and an opportunity to be first incubatee of TICK. It was a 2 hour session packed with motivation and inspiration which made it worth attending.

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