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  • ROBO-Sprint 2014

    Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering (CASE) University, Islamabad organized an Educational Campaign naming Robo-Sprint Pakistan at the Seminar Hall of Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science on 25th April’14 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. It was a house full seminar with 50 to 60 attendees belonging to EE, CSE and Mechatronics department.

    It was an introductory event in which Mr. Ali Syed; Director of RoboSprint gave an overview of RoboSprint and make attendees aware of its Competitions happening all over the world. Mr. Syed Ali Jabbir explained some technical aspects, rules and regulations of the competition.

    They explained following topics in particular:

    • CASE Robotics Group
    • RoboSprint (Inspiration, Motivati on, Vision, Theme)
    • Intro To Robotics and how to work in RoboSprint
    • Introduction to Ubuntu and how to things work in it
    • SSL Vision (The Primary software used for RoboSprint'14)
    • GR-SIM (The Software used for simulation of Robots for RoboSprint'14)
    • Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

    RoboSprint Pakistan works on the same rule as that of the Robo Cup, but with a little change, instead of 6 robots in one time there will be two robots in a single team which they bear to control through some manual device . This year’s theme is “Robots playing soccer”. The main idea is, robots will play soccer using provided data, nets and balls and then by some strategy they have to defeat their opponent. The aim of this event is to promote “Passion for Robots” at undergraduate level .

    By seeing the enthusiasm of attendees they offered a training workshop and also asked for KICS assistance in their goal of motivating and urging students of UET.